Artist Spotlight: Angie Coates

Written by: Kaitlyn  

For each Crybaby Subscription Box, we think that it’s important to highlight the makers and the movers that made each box happen. (There are only TWO left! Pick yours up before they're gone forever!) The purpose of the box is to spread support and love while also supporting creatives and their endeavors. These are their stories.

I've known Angie on the social media world for what seems like years. Even though we've never met in "real life", she feels like a friend. 

Being proud of her emotions is something that Angie wished she would have learned when she was younger. She spent her whole life, up until her late twenties, running away from her feelings. 

"Sooner or later, they catch up with us and we need to process them," Angie said. "What I discovered is that when we numb out negative emotions, we also numb out the positive ones."

Embracing her feelings and actually feeling her feelings has made Angie stronger and happier. She's been able to connect with people on a new level. 

"I am full of feels and that helps me connect in more profound and meaningful ways with other humans," Angie said when talking about what makes her cry. 

Angie used this idea to inspire one of the stickers she contributed to the subscription box: "All the Feels" as well as her female empowerment sticker: "F as in Female." Each sticker pack included a positive message on the back that people have personally come to me and said made a huge difference in their days. 

Angie is a firm believer that every moment is a creative moment and she hopes to live this through her upcoming trip to New York City with her husband. 

"I know I will come back with even more inspiration for products and designs for feminists, dog lovers and positive people," Angie said. 


Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

Sticker Pack 

What Makes Her Cry:  

Everything. Reading the news, while watching a movie, over internet memes, etc. 

Her Message To Fellow Crybabies: 

Never apologize for being sensitive or having feelings. It is not a sign of weakness. The definition of courage is being afraid and doing things anyway. Processing emotions, especially the most difficult ones, is one of the most courageous things we can do. 


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Boys Cry Too

Written By: Kaitlyn 

I feel blessed to have been raised by a father who is very in touch with his emotions. He cries at every commercial and Extreme Home Makeover episode, is the best hugger and taught me how to braid my hair. 

From an early age, I was shown that men and women both have emotions and that it's healthy and acceptable (and yes, strong) for men to show those emotions.

Due to societal expectations, men are not supposed to show emotions, because this visibly makes them "weak" when they are supposed to be "strong." This concept is literally stone-age in its ideals, stemming from a time when men were the hunters and gatherers. 

I don't think I need to tell you, but times have changed. I can't remember the last time I've seen a sabertoothed tiger and fur loincloths are thankfully not in fashion anymore. 

As human beings, we all have emotions. The same emotions. I know, mind blown. Where it's still seen as weak to show emotions for women, men are expected to show no emotions at all in fear of being seen as weak. This mentality is literally killing us. Men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide and I don' think that it's a coincidence that they're also not supposed to show or express their emotions. 

This needs to change. Men's emotions are just as valid as women's emotions and need to be recognized and celebrated as such. 

For a long time, it's been accepted that men and women deal with their emotions differently, but it also needs to be known that because of this difference, men are physically and mentally unhealthy. This isn't okay. 

We need to start teaching (and showing) men and boys that their emotions should not only be expressed, but should be validated and celebrated. There needs to be a place in this world where men feel comfortable to this without judgement or worry that they will be seen as less "masculine". 

We hope that this space of crybabies can be a safe space for that. It's for all people ready to express and be comfortable with their emotions--something every human being has the right to. 

Artist Spotlight: Francesca Delderfield

Written by: Kaitlyn  


When Francesca first showed me what she was working on for this subscription box, I was blown away, and I was even more blown away when I saw her work in person--I cried. Which, is totally fitting. 

Growing up, Francesca was made to feel ashamed that she cried. She didn't realize until much later that sometimes her tears were part of anxiety attacks that she was having. 

"If only I hadn't been made to feel bad about crying, I might have been able to talk about it with someone sooner and discover that what I was going through was anxiety," Francesca said. "That it wasn't my fault and that so many other people suffer from it too."

Francesca wants to break the negative stigma surrounding mental health and crying into order to create a conversation around it. 

"It's hard to deal with alone," Francesca said. "Luckily now I know many understanding and supportive humans."

For the box, Francesca was inspired by reasons people might cry and created intricate papercuts featuring the words, "Care"; "Empathy"; and "Deep Thinker."

"It's not bad to care about things. It's wonderful to be empathetic. And deep thinking can result in some very good ideas," Francesca said. "It might feel bad crying in the moment, but it can reveal lovely things about you, too."

She hopes that her work encourages this.  

For her work, Francesca is planning new art that will be featured in her shop this year and starting a drawing club. After moving to a new country, Francesca is looking to get more involved with local creatives. 

"It's a really positive experience to collaborate, socialise with and encourage other artists, and I want to do it more!" Francesca said. 


What She Created: 

Paper Cut Prints

What Makes Her Cry: 

Seeing others suffering, beautiful views, cute animals 

Her Advice to Fellow Crybabies: 

Being sensitive is nothing to be ashamed of.