Shy Babies Shine Too: Networking for Introverts

Written by: Abigail & Chloe Baldwin

If you're anything like us, as well as being a crybaby, you're a shy baby too! There's nothing you love more than cancelled plans and quality "me-time". However, at the same time, you have so many ideas running through your head. You've got business to do.

Being an introvert doesn't mean you can't be a brilliant entrepreneur--quite the opposite! You have your own super powers, powers like empathy. You're able to listen carefully to your client's problems and help solve them. You also make careful decisions because of your analytical qualities. By thinking things through, you're less likely to make a mistake. You know you can say "yes" to success.

However, an essential ingredient for a brilliant business is a client-base. We all know how tricky finding clients can be though - especially if you're quiet. How do you shout in an already noisy world? Here are our top tips for networking:

Persistence is key

It takes time to build relationships with people. The first time you chat with someone, there may be no opportunities available for you. However, know that a seed has been planted. Next time you chat, you never know what project may have popped up ready for you to embrace. In order to keep in touch with others, use social media or emails. Drop them a line every now and again to see how they are and organise a coffee date.

Embrace technology

Like I mentioned in my previous point, use social media and emails! The internet is a wonderful tool for introverts to use. You're able to reach a much wider audience extremely quickly. However, don't get lost amongst the sea of digital data! Find ways to make yourself stand out, whether that be your charming personality or unique style. You've just got to flaunt it in the ways you can!

 Make your target smaller

Introverts find talking to too many people draining. This is why you should focus your energy on the people who matter. Research your target audience: Who are they? How old are they? What's their occupation? By building an audience profile, you'll be able to target exactly the right people, saving you time and effort. 

 Ask questions

Most people absolutely adore talking about themselves. It's human nature! If you ask questions about a person's passions, you will have them chatting for hours. Discover what excites them. By asking these questions, you will be showing a genuine interest which will make you extremely likeable and you may even learn something new. 

 Remember: people are only people

Everyone (well, most everyone) puts their underpants on in the morning. We all do it the same way. It's universal. Try to think of this the next time you're struggling to speak up. It may help you relax and even make you chuckle to yourself. It always works wonders for us. 


Once you've connected with one person, it opens up an even wider pool of opportunities. Recommendations can be the best way for your business to grow. It will also make you feel like you are part of a wider community which, in turn, will boost your confidence and credibility. You'll find that networking becomes smoother and easier each time. So, keep an open mind, make a great impression and watch yourself bloom!


You can find Abigail and Chloe are twin graphic designers that you can find on the internet at their website and Instagram.