Dear Crybabies,

In our space on the internet, there are no walls. YOU belong here. You will not be kept out. You will not be taken away from people who care about you. Your voices will not be ignored. You will be respected. You are so loved. 

Dear People of Color,  YOUR life matters. You are not a stereotype. You are so loved. 

Dear Muslims, You are not terrorists. You are not full of hate. You are full of unity. You are so loved. 

Dear LGBTQ+ community, You are beautiful just the way you are because you are being yourself. You are valid and worthy. You are so loved. 

Dear immigrants, You are not rapists. You are not terrorists. You are not drug dealers. You are change-makers and full of compassion and understanding. You are brave in the face of oppression. You are so loved. 

Dear ladies, No one can grab you by the pussies or anywhere else. Everyone WILL respect you because you DEMAND respect. You are equal, not less-than. You are not objects. You are beings of power and the whole world will listen to your voice. You are so loved. 

Dear everyone (in America, and throughout the world), we will fight for you. We will fight. We will not stop fighting until everyone knows the truth that we have spoken above. We will respect and learn from one another. We will lift each other up. Because you are and will ALWAYS be SO LOVED. 


Kaitlyn & Natalie