The First Crybaby Box...UNBOXED

So, when the idea of the box came to me, I was first trying to figure out a way to fund it.
How on earth could I make a box that people would want to buy without spending 8 thousand dollars in order to make and package and ship them? I hadnt thought it all the way through.

Then I had an epiphany...GET OTHER MAKERS TO DONATE, in a you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours kind of situation. You help me by helping me fill the box, I help you by promoting and redirecting people to you and your products. Win, win.

I was skeptical as to if enough people would want to help, but these boxes ended up being packed FULL of goodies, and I am so excited to get to share them with you today, via my lovelies Sarah and Kaitlyn and their adorable unboxing video they did for us. Enjoy.

Listed below the video are links to all of the makers whose pieces were featured in this box.


Tear plushie + the reason why they cry by Savannah Brady - Instagram
Don't Fear the Weeper coffee tumbler by page261 - Instagram and Website
Tearrings by Brittany Ketterman - Instagram and Website
Unicorn tote bag by Rachel McNeil - Instagram and Etsy
Tear tonic essential body oil blend by Petal Lee - Instagram and Website
Crybaby sparkle ribbon pin by Vixie Dean - Instagram and Etsy
Love letter handwritten by Kimberley Robinson - Instagram and Blog
Feel good sticker back by Kayley Mills - Instagram and Etsy
Even rain sparkles print by Leanne - Instagram and Etsy
Milkshake print + unicorn/mermaid poop sticker by Sarah McCue - Instagram and Etsy

I May Cry pin, print, Crybaby mug, patches and buttons are available here.

Make sure to mark your calendars for May 15th, which is when the next Crybaby Box will go on sale. Thanks somuch to all the makers who helped us out with our first one. It was better than I could have ever imagine, you are all so talented, and I am happy to know and work with you.

xo, Natalie