Artist Spotlight: Jessica Villanueva

Written By: Kaitlyn

Our Second Crybaby Subscription Box is almost ready to be sent out to members. For those of you that don’t know, the Crybaby Subscription box is a compilation of art, products, flair and goodies created by wonderful artists in our community. 

The Crybaby Club is rooted in support and friendship, so what better way to build these relationships than introducing you to the people that have created all the joy that we share.

Today’s artist, Jessica Villanueva is a lover of all things paper and her Instagram is a burst of colors and joy, so I was very excited to get to know what inspires this ray of sunshine.

Jessica knew immediately that The Crybaby Club was for her because she was nicknamed “The Crybaby” in her sorority.

“My sisters were able to help me realize that's who I am and I should own it,” Jessica said. “ I'm able to show my emotions way more easier than a lot of people and I'm proud of that.”

Jessica highlighted the importance of being able to show your emotions as that is a sign that you’re in tune with yourself and your surroundings, which is an incredible gift.

“I love that as human beings, we can connect with other humans through our emotions which is what you see with this club, “ Jessica said. “I feel like I have a connection with all of you because we have something in common- our wonderful leaky eyes!”

Jessica has been wanting to donate something to the club since she first found us on Instagram and was able to donate a little piece of her heart to our second subscription box.

“I just really want to remind someone that you're special and YOU matter,” Jessica said.

Along with creating adorable paper products, Jessica is currently working on her first blog post dedicated to documenting her daughter’s life. You can check our her blog here and be sure to follow her Instagram for constant joy. 



Crybaby Bio:


What She Created:

Pixel bubble quote paper clips. Can be used as bookmarks, decorations or daily reminders.


What Makes Her Cry:

Happy tears: When her daughter reaches milestones, like learning to brush her teeth.

Sad tears: Tragedies such as the mass shooting in Orlando.


Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

You are always worth it.