Crybaby Crisis Fund

This club has grown so much, and turned into a multi faceted outlet and community that is not just one thing for one type of person. It is many things for many types of people, and I love that. Sure, this club started as a sassy idea on my living room floor that was like a "hey world, I am allowed to cry when they are out of my favorite mac and cheese, or when I slip and almost fall down and it scared me, or when I am really, really happy" kind of thing. However, aside from the ridiculous cries we often find ourselves in, sometimes there are things we cant find out way out of, and that is where this idea came from.

A long time friend of mine came to me and suggested that at checkout in the shop, we offer the option to donate a dollar or so for an emergency fund of sorts. This idea was incredible, so I immediately started researching it. I haven't yet figured out a way to add it as an option at checkout...however, I did find a way to add a "donate" button to the website, and you can find it in our sidebar. So in short...THE CRYBABY CRISIS FUND IS LIVE.

I want you to know that this fund is here, and it is for you, should you ever need it, but we so greatly hope you never do. Thanks, and stay strong my little crybaby angels. xo Natalie


P.S. This fund just started, so please keep that in mind. If you have any questions about this movement, please email me, you know the deal. I am always here and ready to talk to you guys about anything.