Artist Spotlight :: Elora Nelson

Written By: Kaitlyn

Elora Nelson was one of the very first members of The Crybaby Club and I am constantly fan-girling over her goodness and cheer, so it was a bit of a surreal experience to be able to talk to her about her art and what she contributed to the second ever Crybaby Subscription Box.

Elora doesn’t remember the exact moment when she discovered The Crybaby Club, but as someone that describes herself as a “cocktail of crazy” of mental illnesses, she felt immediately accepted and loved.

“My stumbling upon an Instagram feed of similarly blubbering babes had been, truthfully, wonderful,” Elora said. “‘I may cry, but I still get things done’ truly resonated with me. I may not always cry, but I feel everything very deeply, and these words were a source of power.”

These words related with Elora and the importance of embracing our emotions, rather than fearing them and hiding them away. Although not everyone in club has a mental illness, many people struggle with showing their emotions, because people rarely get the feedback that their emotions are valid.

“I’m sure that a big part of our connection is the simple fact that it is so easy for anyone to feel isolated in their own deafening emotional storms; isolated within our own personal tornadoes,” Elora said. “ However, when you turn that into a club, as Natalie has so successfully, we are suddenly no longer alone in a storm, but rather, we are the storm, a force to be reckoned with.”

Elora is an artist of adorable and relatable prints and pins as well as a huge supporter of other artists in her community. In the near future, Elora is looking forward to designing more pins and patches for introverts like her. She is also planning to get back into blogging soon. She wants to  “blog about food, and home renos/décor (I’m getting my first house with my bearded fellow), and more. I’m a big idea person, and can’t wait to continue to work on this little dream of mine.”

Be sure to follow this lovely and humble spirit on her creative journeys on her Instagram and Etsy pages.

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Crybaby Bio:

What She Created:

4x6 art prints: One quote and one comical piece

What Makes Her Cry:

When someone is surprisingly kind, puppies, kitties, Disney movies, music.

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

I think it is so very important that everyone knows that they are not alone in this world. Often when I hear that type of thing, I blow it off, as if somehow the person saying it is trying to dismiss my own personal struggles, but deep down I know it to be true. There are so many people out there that want to connect and help. Find strength in those people. Build up others. Support others, and in doing so you’ll support yourself. Though you may feel things very deeply, accept all of your feelings, allowing them to pass. Allow yourself to move forward, and remember to be gentle. Keep kicking ass.