My Creative Space :: Erica

Written by: Erica

My studio space: Gosh, how I love my studio space! It's the one place solely dedicated to making, creating, dreaming, messing, organizing, hanging, laughing, sitting, chillaxing.

In my studio: I have a section for Tako's Treasures (that's the name of my vintage shop). I collect and store the next batch of clothes, then organize, tag, and price them before I bring them to the Cleveland Street Flea Market for retail. I've got two plants inside. They help keep me calm! I also have a bunch of collage materials, sewing stuff, and paper everywhere! There is an outgoing and incoming mail box to the left of my desk, to help me stay on top of my correspondences, and a typewriting station to the right of my desk. I keep my back-log of zines there and also my stamp sets. I have a table set up in the middle of the room with my easel, so I can get the right amount of light as I'm working on my paintings. I am currently working on a pet portrait commission for my friend Shelby. She asked me to paint her two cats, Tina and Stewart.

Why I set it up the way I did: My studio is divided into different stations, essentially, so that as I walk around I am always reminded to finish projects that are still in the works. I've got a seated area for lounging, thinking, and new perspective-getting. A typing station, with my typewriter and paper. I've got a whole table (which is actually just a re-purposed air hockey table I salvaged from the curb) for in-progress works and projects. My desk is the focal point of the room, where I keep my calendar, to-do lists, and inspiring images.

What inspires me: I'm really inspired by fashion and art. I'm inspired by Memphis and the culture and people here. My friends and my dreams are a constant source of inspiration, they help me to keep going whenever I feel like giving up. I also like to tumble through Tumblr when I drink my coffee in the morning, and often times I'll gather images that really inspire me and compile them.

Tips: Keep your eyes on the prize! Be grateful. Ask for help when you need it.

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