Behind the Scenes: It's Lit Pin

Here at The Crybaby Club, we are a collective group of creative women and bosses that are constantly sharing and collaborating. Each design and product created by our club goes through countless rounds of brainstorming, edits and feedback. We thought it would be interesting to take all of you with us behind the scenes of making our products and running a small business. 

Today, we bring you the story of the "It's Lit" pin. 

Since starting this group back in January, the members of The Crybaby Club have been such a source of light in our lives as well as everyone that follows us. We knew we wanted to create something that represented that in a pin. 

Crybaby Boss and founder, Natalie, started off with some sketches of lightbulbs. The idea started off simply as a print: 

We loved this representation and message of being each other's light. We soak in so much light from other people every day, whether that be through kind words or by being inspired by something they have created. 

But we wanted to take it a step further from a print and make it a pin so people could literally show off this message. 

And while we adored this design, we wanted to make it more "us" and more personal.

When Natalie first went to Wisconsin earlier this year (and when the idea for The Crybaby Club first spread its wings), one of the first things she asked was, "Do y'all say 'It's Lit' up here?'" Yes. Yes we do. 

The Crybaby Bosses have a Facebook Group chat in which we talk about ideas, projects and life in general and now a phrase we say all the time is, "IT'S LIT!!!" Because it most certainly always It's Lit Pin was born.