Tote Bag Magic!

Ok, ya'll. For a brief time, The Crybaby Club offered totes and it was a great time for all! After some issues with the suppliers, I temporarily gave them up just to alleviate myself of the frustration HOWEVER, my love of totes lived on, and as the new year began, I decided to BRING THEM BACK!

But I need your help! We have had 2 designs of totes so far, the first being the original logo, and the second being the survival kit...this is where you come in.

I would like to ask you all, what design would you like to see on a tote?
There is no wrong answer, but I wanted to put it to a vote to see what you all would like to see the most! I love making things, but even more so, I love making things that you lovies want and adore!

Below you will find the poll and some example pics. Thanks in advance for helping me out.