Artist Spotlight: Zoey Philippou

Written by: Kaitlyn

For each Crybaby Subscription Box, we think that it’s very important to highlight the makers and the movers that made each box happen. (There are still a few limited edition self-care boxes left, pick up one before they're all gone!) The purpose of the box is to spread support and love while also supporting creatives and their endeavors. These are their stories.

When Zoey Philippou, the genius behind Cherry & Mint reached out to me to collaborate on this subscription box, I freaked out because I've admired her work for a while now.

Zoey creates the most adorable fashion pieces with the best-patterned fabric in the world and I want my closet to be filled with only her stuff.

I then continued to freak out as I received her package of hair bows for the subscription box. I mean, LOOK BELOW! HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!?! 

Zoey wanted to contribute something that would brighten people's days. 

"I think that putting on a colorful accessory, your mood can instantly change," Zoey said. "Making them was a lot of fun." 

Each bow has a different pattern because Zoey couldn't pick just one. There are bows with sushi, bows with diamonds, bows with doughnuts. And all of them are adorable. 

Zoey has a few collaborations coming up that she's super excited about both locally (in her home of Cyprus) and internationally. 

Crybaby Bio: 
What She Created: 

Assorted hair bows

What Makes Her Cry: 

Seeing an animal or person suffering, feeling under pressure

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

It's ok to be sad and I know life it's hard sometimes but we should all know that we are strong enough to get back on our feet again and deserve to be happy.


You can find Zoey online at her shop and Instagram!