Event assistant

This is an on-call/ part-time paid position for guys/gals in Memphis, TN. who would love to help out with festivals and events. These events are great for networking, both creatively and socially, and Natalie could really use a reliable person/people who would like to lend a hand. The events can last anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days and each event is different, and therefore would require different availability, skill sets and personality types. If this sounds like something you would be interested in helping out with, please APPLY HERE.


This is a part-time paid position, available for some lovely guy/gal in the Memphis area. We are looking to bring someone on within the next month to work alongside our girl Natalie and help her out with daily tasks. These tasks may include anything from packing and shipping orders, to basic inventory/assistant like work. If you love us, and want to be a part of the club, please APPLY HERE.


This is a volunteer position, and is constantly evolving and changing depending on what our needs are at that time. For storytellers, photographers, or anyone with a message they would like to share, we have our blog. For makers, designers, artists, and small business owners, we are always searching for contributors to feature in our quarterly subscription boxes. For more information on how to get involved with either of these projects, please email Kaitlyn at blog@thecrybabyclub.com.

Another way to get involved is by collaborating on ideas and concepts for future products with our design lead like Brittany did with this adorable pin or the gorgeous work Kayley did with our back patch. One of the things we always wanted to do is to support other indie artists and makers however we can, and this is just one of the ways we do that. If you are interested in designing something for our shop in the future, contact Natalie@thecrybabyclub.com.